Angela around city in Sydney, Australia and at home

Angela around city in Sydney, Australia and at home

Give a model a camera, turn her loose and wonderful things happen. It is laughable how after numerous years of seeing a cutie absolutely exposed, widening and inserting toys, seeing her on the street in a tight sweater can provoke a big reaction. Certainly, Angela White, the gal in question, has a spectacular body. She’s not just any everyday cutie.

“I have answered all SCORE Men’s prayers for more models in tight sweaters, and there are some pix of me in a cardigan that’s about to burst at the buttons,” Angela emailed from her home near Sydney, Australia. “In the first pictures, I’m getting willing to go out, then you watch me doing the dishes at my home. It’s quite a miniature flat, but it does the job. The picture of me undressing was taken outdoors my house. Good pervert photo! I’m unpacking after going away for the weekend up to the Gold Coast. In the picture where I couldn’t resist showing u my vagina, the little postcard-sized images on the wall are replicas of 1950s pulp fiction cover art. I collect them.

“Now to Sydney. I’m at the Circular Quay McDonald’s in Sydney. It is right next to the Sydney Harbour. I’m standing in front of the harbour across from the renowned Opera Abode. The bridge in the pictures is the Harbour Bridge, an Australian landmark. I am walking around Darling Harbour in Sydney. It is a great place to shop and a more fine place to party. They have great nightclubs.

“The bookshop I am in is in a nearby mall. Then I headed off to the Darling Harbour Aquarium. I adore animals, especially scary ones! The sharks are Grey Nurse Sharks, which aren’t actually scary, but they were following me. Then, after a quick change of hot garments, I went to the Central Train Station and headed home after a unyielding day of looking nice-looking and taking photos for SCORE. Yep, I do play the guitar! That’s my cute Les Paul Custom. Then I got clothed up to go out anew!”

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