Q&A About T&A

Q&A About T&A

How many boyz have u rogered in your life, on-and-off screen?
Alanna Ackerman: I prevented keeping track. At some point u just must give up. I do remember each smooth operator by something he did I liked or maybe that dude was just truly hot.

Do you spit or swallow?
Alanna: It indeed is one as well as the other. I spit when I wanna play with your cum. That is a turn-on for me. I drink when I’m trying to stay less bawdy, maybe if we were somewhere that was public or at an event.

What is the almost all unconventional position you have ever tried?
Alanna: Reverse cowgirl on a flight of stairs. Wow, what great memories.

How important is penis size to you?
Alanna: Depends. Think of how important tit size is to you. There is your answer.

What size schlong do u adore paramount?
Alanna: Over 11 inches. Good and thick.

What’s your prefered anal position and why?
Alanna: Missionary, for sure. That way I can still look u in the eyes and talk smutty to u.

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