After School Seize

After School Snatch

University coeds the world over are alike or they would like to be. Smartphones and tablets may be replacing book bags and text books but a short plaid skirt and a white blouse will at not time go without popularity. Do not you agree? Just what they bring to the student body is immeasurable. Ivy Darmon proves that there’s life after getting a Bachelor’s Degree by continuing on with her education. And just think about it. That babe has a Doctorate to aim for. A Doctorate in Anatomy. Bears a resemblance to Ivy will be stocking up at the hawt student’s boutique where the shapely cuties shop. Ivy has no tats and no piercings. That’s unusual these days when so many angels are getting ’em. We’ll be seeing Ivy some other time in a short time in another layout. This babe is that worthy.

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