After-Party Sex Party

After-Party Sex Party

Sharon Pink is inexhaustible. This babe has a sex drive that very tiny in number honeys can match. Yet that babe stays as new as a daisy after this babe shags. Is this erotic superwoman from the Czechia or from the planet Krypton?

On this night, Sharon is planning to go out, visit numerous parties, go to a tiny in number exotic dancing clubs and make an evening of it. So she’s clothed to kill…men. A constricted petticoat that will split if this babe bends over also far. High heels that arch her back, thrust her pelvis and whoppers forward, make her wazoo stick out and tighten her calf muscles. A constricted below garment that shoves her boobs up and out to create a undergarment shelf. An even tighter shirt that will pop its buttons if Sharon takes a deep breath.

And then Mr. Klein walks in. Instantly lewd at the sight of her jaw-dropping body, he makes a play for her large tits. This babe slaps his hand away but he is persistent and doesn’t back off. Sharon doesn’t play coarse and slap his face love mate Czech Terry Nova did to her friend in her creampie video. No, Sharon caves in as her charmer manages to remove her top and manhandle her jugs. Appears love Sharon won’t be out on the town lap dancing and having cocktails tonight after all. She’ll be eating Klein’s frankfurter for starters.

One time Klein’s filled up on Sharon’s enormous scoops, this lady-killer moves down to her pierced bawdy cleft and laps it up. Sharon’s thighs gyrate in a fucking motion and her eyes roll back as this chab enthusiastically tongue-fucks her. They swap positions so Sharon can suck penis. That babe holds it by the base and slaps her mouth with it, spitting on it to give it some natural lube so this babe can jack it faster. A man’s schlong is in very fine hands when the hands belong to Sharon Pink.

She gets on her side for the first shlong invasion of her muff, her curvy leg in the air and they slip it right in for the first sexy bonk thrusting of the night. Sharon was planning to receive laid in an after-party sex party when that babe got back from clubbing but it’s happening earlier than she thought.

Sharon actually did manage to acquire dressed one time more and go out and party that night. But that’s some other story.

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