A Weiner For Reyna

A Weiner For Reyna

Reyna Mae is grilling for a drilling and a filling so she is dressed for gripping in a front-zippered mini-dress every XL Goddess should wear now and then. While Reyna prepares her BBQ party, Bam comes over with the beer. Reyna tanalises him by holding a weiner to her lips. Bam would adore his own weiner in her mouth, inside her pink taco and between her humongous 36K plumpies. Sounds like a plan. They have Thirty minutes to begin cooking before the other guests reveal up. Bam has his own specific sauce for her face.

They head inside to get out of the heat and make their own heat in the bedroom. Reyna said they busted the couch 3 times from all of their energetic fucking and bouncing. The substantiation is in the episode!

This is Reyna Mae’s 1st hardcore scene at XL Angels since the super-movie K-JUGS. This babe and Brandy Ryder had a wild foursome with two cox-men in a chapter of that DVD.

Women can relate to Reyna. “I’ve had many vixens tell me that they began watching porn ‘coz I look adore ’em and that makes them feel more comfortable with it,” Reyna told us in her comeback solo shoot.

In many photo discharges, the girls often look invitingly into the camera whilst they’re getting sexed and are focused on the chap in their video scenes. In the episode of this scene, Reyna eyebangs the camera now and then and that adds some additional spice and heat to a weiner worship that truly cooks.

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