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Alice – Cock collateral

Schlong collateral

Cock collateral

Can a ball batter pie be collateral for a loan? It can be if the loan officer is a concupiscent swinger love Alice. JMac, here known as John, has gone to Alice for a loan. That guy wishes to begin a gym. Alice desires to assist him, but this babe has an unconventional process of vetting applicants.

“I’d love to see more of your assets,” Alice tells him. She strokes his arm. Then she strokes his penis. Then this babe sucks his wang and bonks it. We’re plan to have to guess that JMac acquires the loan.

As for Alice’s credentials, she’s a 65-year-old wife, Mother, grandmother and super-swinger, meaning she’s been doing it for over Fourty years. That is tons of banging with lots of strangers. That babe has big bouncy bosoms and a 40-inch gazoo. That’s very voluptuous. That babe was born in South Dakota and lives in Las Vegas, which is where we think this babe belongs, being a female who can’t live with out act. Her favourite sport is rogering. She is been known to turn Super Bowl Sunday into a orgy. When one team scores, everyone at Alice’s party scores.

That babe enjoys traveling, food and wine.

That babe by no means wears parties when this babe goes to a swing party. That way, studs can get to her vagina easier.

Every year, that babe goes to Dream Fest in Key West, Florida.

“I spend the day topless at the pool,” Alice told. “After sunset, I dine on new shellfish at a restaurant. Then I return to my room, take a bath, paint my mammaries and get into my costume. I cover my pussy with smth that can be easily removed once we need to Duval Street. I adore to pose stripped with men during the time that I hold their rods. If the party is a wonderful one, you might also discover me licking a girl to climax.”

Fantasy Fest this year is October Twenty 3 to November 1. Alice just gave u a very valuable reason to brandish up.

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Amiee Roberts – First Time Fox

1st Time Fox

First Time Fox

Meet Amiee Roberts. She’s from California and works in accounting. You can tell that babe is familiar with greater than average numbers. Amiee loves to suit in shorts, reservoir tops and heels and when it acquires chilly, jeans. If she dresses in a tank top at the office, it is a sure bet that no one acquires any work done.

“My brassiere size is 40H. My mellons appear to be to be getting larger and I love playing with ’em,” says Amiee. This babe picked the right place to display. XL Cuties is the spot for her. “I like shoving them in a guy’s face.”

“I have to have my bras fitted. I go to Victoria’s Secret or I get ’em on Amazon. Those are the places I identify have the foremost quality. I adore a snug fit and priceless support and they should poke my knockers up”

Amiee’s a real natural on-camera, so natural it seems like she’s played with her larger than typical boobs and luscious snatch many times previous to.

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Gabriella’s time has cum

Gabriella's time has cum

It’s time to must know Gabriella Sky, a 43-year-old Jamaican who now lives in South Florida. It is likewise time to check out this hot divorcee and Mommy bonk on-video for the 1st time. How recent to porn is Gabriella? She didn’t know what the piledriver position was until JMac showed her.

“I like it!” that babe squealed as JMac flipped her upside-down and spread her pink cunt.
“I always wanted to do it,” Gabriella told of her 1st porn scene. “In my 20s I wanted to do it. I met anybody who was in this line of work, and she was cheerful, and I just identified it indeed intriguing.”

But that babe could not go for it at the time. She was in school, so this babe put doing porn in the back of her mind but not with out her mind.

“It was always on the backburner. Then one day I just decided, ‘This is the time. If I don’t do it now, I at not time will.'”

We’re cheerful Gabriella chose us for her 1st time. And her second time, by the way. But let us not receive ahead of ourselves.

Gabriella calls herself a cougar. She prefers young hawt boyz. JMac is 30, but this chab is not her youngest. She rogered a 23-year-old when that babe turned Fourty three. She’s a contented 40something.

“I adore it. I guess the Fourtys are the almost any awesome. To me, 40 is more valuable than 20. I know how to go and receive it more.”

Here, Gabriella talks about her dream about having sex with twins and the time she had sex outdoors in an Italian ruin. This babe flashes her big, bright smile a lot. We inform her that JMac told her wet crack is taut. This babe takes that as the compliment it is.

In the end, JMac cums on her face. That’s a compliment, likewise.

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Cummed-on Love muffins

Cummed-on Tits

This XXX movie was one of April McKenzie’s 1st. The 1st time April was filmed at SCORE, this babe did solely solos. That babe went home, did some debating with herself about shooting hardcore, and decided to go for it. That burst the dam wide open, so to speak. When April did this scene with Johnny 10-Pounder, this babe likewise was in the centre of appearing in Pounding The Pledges with Gianna Rossi, Sabina Leigh, Ms. Panther and novice Tera Cox.

April was voted Voluptuous magazine’s Newcomer of the Year for 2007. “I’m originally from Georgia, but I live in Tampa, Florida. I knew about Playboy and Hustler, but that is all I had even heard of. I did not know about Voluptuous or any others, either. Someone told me about you, a wonderful ally. Then I did some research and looked into it for myself. I looked u up on the Internet then sent in my photos to the studio manager. It’s smth I have wanted to do for a lengthy time. Like my Mama said when I was younger, ‘If you have got it, why not show it?'”

About halfway into this scene, Johnny power-drills April in doggie. She’s propping herself up with her arms at an angle that lets the cameraman enslave her larger than standard 36GG zeppelins drooping straight down, shaking and dangling as his thick shlong stretches her slit out.

“Doggie just feels especially worthwhile,” told April. “The boy can go deeper into me that way and my G-spot and clitoris both receive a lot of stimulation in that position. I am not surprised that majority hotty’s most like it. But even though it is my beloved position, it’s not the solely one I adore. It’s more precious to mix things up and have the smooth operator on top, then I’ll acquire on top and then we’ll do some doggie-style. I do not wish just one position when there are so many ways to do it.”

Over time, April got heavier and her pantoons grew even more giant so this babe started shooting for XL Beauties instead. This babe did preggo XXX and added anal to her erotic resume.

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Topmost Dawn Stone Chapter 1

Ultimate Dawn Stone Chapter 1

North Carolina’s Dawn Stone modeled for seven years at SCORE and sailed on two Boob Cruises, 1998 and 2000. That babe was one of the majority popular gals with the passengers, using that southern enchantment of hers with the highest of ease. It is a guarantee that if you had the opportunity to meet her then, she’d have you eating with out her hand within a scarcely any minutes.

A beautiful 4’11” golden-haired with bigger than average breasts and an highly pliant body, Dawn was a hit from day one. Her trademarked moves included backward bows and putting her ankles behind her head for the topmost “fuck-me” pose. Her hyper-flexibility can be viewed in many of her pictorials especially the May 2005 sex swing photo set and a Megaspecial collection.

Off-camera, Dawn’s music tastes run to Hip-Hop and Rap. Her much loved rap stars are DMX and Jay-Z and she likes DMX’s vids. Her favourite perfume is the hard-to-find Vanilla Lace made by Victoria’s Secret. Her favorite place: home. There is no place like it for Dawn. She’s very family-driven. This babe was not an lap dancer and not at all showed any interest in being one even though she was surrounded by many touring feature dancers such as Casey James and Europe Dichan on one as well as the other Cruises.

The SCORE classic DVD Supreme Dawn Stone features Dawn in a solo scene, a girl-on-girl with belting Nikki Diamond and a rare hardcore scene with rod, plus bonus episodes are added of an interview and Dawn in a hotel room masturbating and shaving her cookie. That babe loves a baldie below her briefs.

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Alice – Alice’s creampie

Alice’s man juice pie

Alice's creampie

Let’s welcome back Alice. She’s 65 years old and lives in Las Vegas. She’s a Mother and grandmother. She has been happily married to the same Lothario for over Fourty years. In fact, that dude took her cherry when she was 21. Then that petticoat chaser introduced her to swinging when that babe was a young bride of 25.

“My 1st reaction was, ‘No way,'” said Alice, who grew up in ultra-conservative South Dakota. “But this chab talked me into it, and several years later, we did some velvety swinging with allies. Giving a kiss. Hugging. Oral-service.”

Fast-forward all those years later–40 years, if you’re doing the math–and we’re guessing that there are petite in number sweethearts on the planet who have been swinging for as lengthy as Alice has. And that means she’s fucked a lot more fellows than majority hotty’s have.

JMac is the second boy that babe is fucked at He’s 30 years old. That’s a 35-year age difference. In this photo set, JMac has gone to Alice for a loan. This babe craves to borrow his 10-Pounder so that lady-killer can bonk her love tunnel and leave behind a creampie. A lady like Alice receives what she wants.

Back to the swinging thing…voluptuous Alice said us that her favourite job was “going to wild swingers parties all over, taking pictures of nude cuties and writing stories about the party. That is what I did for several years, and hands down that job was the most-fun. Of course, my hubby and I participated in the joy.”

Alice’s wildest erotic experience was rogering a bunch of large, dark jocks in a totally darksome room at a party in Louisiana.

“When one skirt chaser would prevent fucking me, some other would take his place and some other would take his place getting sucked. I played for a while and then I actually needed to take a break. Then I started thinking about how much fun it was and returned. It was nutty! I laid down on the couch and was surrounded by darksome chaps with larger than average, rock hard dicks one more time. This time, the first boy to bonk me kept talking to me, asking me how much I liked having his 22-year-old shlong inside me. He screwed me four times that night!”

If we ever do a group-sex scene, Alice is gonna must be the one.

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Lyla’s very juicy, bright pink snatch

Lyla's very soaked, bright pink cunt

These of u who have enjoyed watching tall, slender copulate toy Lyla Lali getting her ultra-pink vagina and taut booty rogered will savour having her all to yourselves in her 1st solo photo set.

“I have something damp and pink for u, chaps, and I can’t expect to reveal it to you,” told Lyla, who’s 45 and lives in South Florida. And by the way, Lyla: We have watched it.

Lyla was born in Recent York Town and lives in South Florida. Her billibongs are DDD-cups. Her eyes are green. She plays tennis and enjoys watching basketball, hockey and paramount fighting. She is into yoga, swimming in the ocean and taking walks on the beach. We asked her what this babe desires to do that she’s at not time done, and this babe said, “Jump without a plane. I would’ve said have sex on-camera, but I just did that. Shooting for Fourty something is the majority joy I have ever had.”

She is likewise taught yoga, fitness and meditation. We could meditate whilst gazing at Lyla. We could go on and on about Lyla’s vagina. How pink it is. How damp it looks. How it gapes. We could have numerous things to say about her butthole, likewise. We could tell you how much we’d adore to suck and take up with the tongue Lyla’s cookie. How we’d love to have our faces overspread with her twat juice.

But why should we tell u? We’re sure u have some ideas of your own. What’s on your minds, members?

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Jennica Lynn – Sweater Girl

Sweater Beauty

Sweater Girl

There are sweater cuties and there are sweater angels. Workers members of The SCORE Group can view a girl in a mall, a lap dancing club or the beach and not be impressed by her bosoms during the time that everybody else is bowled over. Jennica Lynn bowls us over.

“The funniest thing somebody ever told to me was when I got introduced to a friend’s ally and all this man could say to me was ‘Holy fucking bosoms,'” Jennica revealed. We did not say that when Jennica 1st visited the SCORE Group office two years ago but we thought it.

What’s the superlatively precious part of being Jennica Lynn?

“I can usually acquire the Lothario I urge. I make sure I’m showing breast valley, receive him to observe me and then go talk to him. The looks from studs and seeing their appreciation and approval makes me feel sexy. “

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Gabriella Sky has no limits

Gabriella Sky has no limits

Gabriella Sky, a super-sexy 43-year-old divorcee, makes her worldwide sucking-and-fucking on-camera launch by taking on JMac’s gigantic jock. Gabriella is cushioned and fleshly. That babe was born in Jamaica and now lives in South Florida, where she’s a Mom and a speech pathologist. That means this babe helps people regain their ability to speak. You might be speechless after seeing Gabriella’s glamourous, exotic face and hot body.

“I’m very spiritual,” told Gabriella, who’s neither a swinger nor a nudist. “The people who know me would be very surprised to watch me here.”

Gabriella is an interesting female. That babe one time had a job baking custom cupcakes. This babe is a soccer fan. That babe enjoys swimming and intend to the gym, where we’re sure she causes quite a stir. She wears Brazilian cut briefs. And there’re two things that babe desires to do that that babe is at not time done before:

1.) Climb the Great Pyramids.
TWO.) Have sex with twins.

Identical twins. At the same time. If we could’ve manufactured 2 JMacs, that babe would’ve drilled them one as well as the other. More about that in her episode interview.

That babe likewise once had sex outdoors in an Italian ruin.

Relish Gabriella.

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Tiny. Stacked. Sexy.

Slim. Stacked. Hot.

Slender. Stacked. Hot. Sandra is all that and much more. That babe bangs like an athlete. Loves anal job and always goes for the gold medal. Sandra knew about SCORE‘s Boob Cruises and would have liked to have gone on a cruise. That babe can’t live without the way SCORE celebrates big-boobed beauties. We talked to the hotter-than-hot German SCORE Beauty (HardSCORE 6 on DVD) ‘coz we had to know more about her.

SCORE: Were any big-boobed adult models an inspiration to you?
Sandra: Elizabeth Starr and Minka.
SCORE: Do you admire any SCORE Angels u have viewed?
Sandra: Amy Anderssen.
SCORE: Do you have a list of goals u crave to accomplish?
Sandra: No, I live my life spontaneously.
SCORE: Do boys adore us ask you lots of questions about your bazookas?
Sandra: Yep. They ask about size, weight and the effect they have on people.
SCORE: Do almost any bucks wanna screw your pantoons?
Sandra: My love melons are flawless for that, yep?
SCORE: What kind of swimsuits do u like to wear?
Sandra: They should be tight with tons of breast valley and cut high on the haunches adore a Baywatch swimsuit. I love bikinis likewise.

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Beloved Screw Doll

Favorite Fuck Doll

“I’ve had sex watching my XL Gals scenes and I have also masturbated alone whilst watching my scenes. Watching myself get fucked is a immense turn on for me. XL Gals has helped me not to be afraid of portraying my confidence, my ravisher and my naughtiness in all my scenes.”

“I have sex as often as I can. If I need more, I will masturbate. I use anything from fingers to toys to household appliances.” So says Porsche Dali, final seen serving burgers and fries to 2 SCORE Group workers who still jack to the memories. Now Porsche is back to flaunt her rack and tit-attack JMac. She’s wearing a very tight, low-cut suit with high heels. In the movie portion of this scene, editor Dave chats with Porsche reclining in sofa and finds out what that babe is been up to in the four years she’s been off the grid. “Going to school and working,” Porsche replies. She’s too been on webcam. They cover a wide range of topics from sex on a trampoline, which Porsche has done in a party (“When I swallow, I get very horny” Porsche told in 2010), to brassiere buying.

JMac waits his turn besides his wingman Dave, patiently envisaging for the moment when he can conduct his own interview with Porsche. That charmer can not await to test his meat-microphone on this massively-breasted lovely heart. The chat concludes and the act starts. It’s the 1st orgy for those 2 and Porsche is barmy for a large cock between her bigger in size than typical bra-busters and in her cum-hole in different positions. XL Gals is happy to have made this memorable introduction.

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Angel Gee – Army Wife

Army Wife

Army Wife

Wearing a skin-tight tube dress, SCORE Girl Angel Gee writes a letter to her Lothario in the army. “Can’t await until u cum all over my boobs,” Beauty writes. What a delicate sentiment. It should be used in greeting cards. She rubs her marangos and pussy-hole thinking about getting fucked.

Cut to later. There is a knock at the door, Gal wears a hot negligee as a sweet homecoming gift. Seeing Angel’s titanic hooters beneath sheer lace, he’s on her in an instant, palming her stupendous, stupendous whoppers and pierced nipps. They’re not even 2 feet from the front door as Angel kneels previous to his thick pecker to worship it with her damp mouth and downy hands.

They move to the couch so Goddess can have her twat licked and fingered as foreplay for screwing. “You’re plan to receive to break me in all over anew,” a hyper-horny Beauty cries. A very vocal hotty, talking bawdy makes Girl even hornier. Angel’s also a screamer. Angels adore that are rigid to find. “I like your knob, baby!” Beauty yells.

Her own personal drill sergeant pumps the heavenly mounds without Angel in enough screwing positions for a sexology manual, ending with a pile-driver on the floor that drives her over the edge. Beauty not merely earns another set of wings, she earns a sticky cum of cock juice all over her gigantic jugs.

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