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Ivana Gita – Tits & Tugs

Funbags & Tugs

Tits & Tugs

Ivana was declared a Big-Boob legend by many tit-men when it became clear this babe was not intend to adult model some other time after her brief time in 1998. Then with out the blue, Ivana emailed SCORE and told that babe wanted to shoot. This babe wrote that this babe was an H-cupper, but she looks much greater than an H.

After her return scene, the comments rolled in, majority of them from life-long breast dudes who knew her from her past. Wrote Booblover, “Wow! I do remember Ivana from the late ’90s, and she has certainly grew some (and I don’t mean gruesome). What a tremendous set of hangers! Please receive her back ASAP. BTW, what is her nationality?”

Ivana is Czech, which should come as no surprise. This small country has been kicking North America’s booty for years when it comes to naturally stacked models, a situation that deeply saddens us.

In a quick encore, Ivana takes her now-enormous milk sacks and buries a volunteer’s face and shlong in ’em and gives him a hand job, a tit job and a oral-service. She cups her gloriously gargantuan gazongas and, during the time that looking on with expectant eyes, receives them slathered with man-goo for the grand finale.

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The Busty Busker

The Big-Boob Busker

Anna Beck is a busker playing for coins from generous onlookers. But Anna is no normal busker with top hat in front of her and guitar in hand. She’s The Big-Boob Busker. This babe has her top hat out for passersby to chuck their coins into, although in this situation, they’re tipping Anna to not play. They’re cheerful to just enjoy her large, stylish mammaries.

A boy on an apartment terrace above spectacular Anna has been watching her play and getting an eagle’s eye look at of her breast valley nestled in her low-cut, form-fitting dress. That chap asks Anna if she’d love to come upstairs and entertain him, using the old routine of, “Hey, Miss Guitar Female-dominator, play a song for me.” Anna’s game to play and sashays up the steps.

Anna strums a bit in his apartment, but that babe already knows this chab is a lot more interested in fine-tuning her mellow, soft body than in her musical performances…except when it comes to her playing the skin flute. At that, Anna is a virtuoso. This babe is here to play; this Lothario craves to lay. She sees the swelling she’s produced and takes immediate steps to make it even harder. They fall into couch for a symphony of sex, making alluring music together.

Once afresh, our hats, not to mention our trousers, are off to the attractive Anna Beck, a woman we can’t receive enough of.

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Ballin’ Carmen Hayes

Ballin' Carmen Hayes

You would not think Carmen Hayes is also a basketball star, would you? We know she’s a SCORE star. We know this babe has king-size funbags and a hawt gazoo. We know she can put her ankles behind her neck and can shag in that position. We know this babe totally drains the nuts of any ladies man who has the opportunity to ram her hoop. (Just inspect Carmen in the movie Big-Boob Hookers.)

In this SCORE Episode, we take u behind the scenes at a stadium that cannot be named and to the ladies locker room, where Carmen flaunts, once once more, why she’s a champ at stopping the clock and pumping the knob. Fortunately, the other players on Carmen’s woman basketball team have already exited after the big game so Carmen can kick off The Large Unveil for her fuck-friend.

There are times when Mamma Nature receives it right and mixes anything into one perfect package. In the case of curvaceous Carmen Hayes, nature got it more than right. This mistresse has it all: consummate large hooters, consummate booty, jaw-dropping legs, brains, a beautiful smile and the ability to put her legs behind her neck and more. And did we mention this babe can’t live with out to take up with the tongue every drop of cum?

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Valentina’s first screw shocker

Valentina's first fuck shocker

“The people who know me would be shocked to watch me here, doing this,” said Valentina Rosario, a Cuban-born, 49-year-old divorcee who lives in Florida. “I would probably lose lots of friendships.”

Shag ’em, Valentina. If they’re intend to be close-minded about a hot SEXY HOUSEWIFE love u showing off her stuff for all the world to watch, they’re not worthwhile of your friendship. They’re not good of your class and style and sexiness and C-cup love melons and pink fur pie and…okay, we’re getting carried away with ourselves.

Valentina had at not time modeled stripped, no less banged on-camera, previous to this babe strided into our studio. As we told, she is a Mother. This babe isn’t a swinger, but she’s a nudist. She can’t live out of dudes in uniform. We asked her how often this babe has sex, and that babe told, “Not often sufficient.”

We’re going to help you change that, Valentina.

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Swim suit Stretcher

Swimsuit Stretcher

Claudia Marie came from a diminutive city in South Carolina. Now she is busting bras and bikinis and snapping belts for the joy of big-jug seekers around the globe. We asked our photographer to take Claudia out and have her try on swimsuits. After all, this is South Florida. People shop at drug stores in swimsuits. We just not ever saw anyone brawny adore Claudia doing that.

The path to big-tit land began when Claudia was working in a exotic dancing club.

“I was indeed bartending at a lap dancing club, which is how I met my hubby,” Claudia said. “He was there as a lap dancer. I was managing the undress club, and it was a female club, but we decided to have a ladies night. I hired a male strip group, and this lady-killer came in. I was still married to my previous hubby of 12 years, who had taken my virginity and was the merely charmer I’d ever been with.

“I was Twenty six. I’d met my first hubby in high school. I met Mr. Marie that night. I banged him in my office of the lap dancing club that night, and I left my boyfriend two weeks later and moved in with Robbie. My first marriage was on the rocks moreover, and if you make no doubt of in adore at first sight, it was love that with Mr. Marie. This Lothario had a indeed larger than average shlong, and I was drunk enough to screw him. This chab called me the next day, and after that, we were inseparable.”

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Samantha Sanders – The Return

The Return

The Return

We thought heavy-breasted blonde Brit Samantha Sanders was done with adult modeling. Truly, this babe did retire. But then that babe recently decided to un-retire, and she contacted her aged friends at The SCORE Group.

A lawyer in England, Samantha’s marangos could do considerable damage to your neck if that babe dropped them on your head. Fortunately, she uses her super-powers for fine. Adore getting stripped and naughty and shagging hung studs. We played catch-up with Samantha.

How did u come to shoot again for us 10 years later? Did we discover u or did you contact us?
Samantha: I contacted The SCORE Group after I became single as I actually wanted to glamour model one time more.

What size undergarment do u wear now?
Samantha: 34JJ

What favourite brands of bras do you buy?
Samantha: I don’t have a prefered really. Any that fit!

Do u need a bra-fitting, or can you buy bras off the rack?
Samantha: I know my size, so I can dictate online.

Do you know how much your pointer sisters weigh?
Samantha: Nearly two stones. (Twenty eight pounds)

Any comments for the fans?
Samantha: I’d love to thank the fans that buy the mags and the DVDs, download the pix and videos and just adore to watch me in general. Please let The SCORE Group know if you desire to see more of me so I can come back and discharge again in a short time.

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Catrina’s 1st fuck movie scene

Catrina's 1st fuck video

“I’ve been swinging for about three years,” said divorced Mama of three Catrina Costa, who’s making her worldwide XXX video first appearance right here. “My hubby and I host bi-friendly every week gang-bang parties. Just not lengthy ago, we made me air-tight. It was laughable because we were having a predicament getting 3 boys hard and ready at the same time, but we finally did it.”

And, so, Catrina had her mouth, wet crack and asshole rammed with strapon at the same time.

Here, 50-year-old Catrina is limited to one ramrod. It belongs to 22-year-old Peter, who this babe is detected jacking off at his computer. No reason to be constrained, Peter, even if Catrina is your mom’s finest friend. She craves your pecker, and the fact that it’s already out just makes things easier.

Catrina is a nudist who says, “I adore nudity with sex even more.” That happens here. Nudity and sex. This babe likes to be spanked. She can’t live with out when lads cum on her chest. She is had tons of sex with tons of younger chaps, including at these gang-bang parties she commented about, so when u ask Catrina how often this babe has sex, her answer is, “How many days a week or how many times.” There is a big difference because in one day, this babe could get banged Twenty or Thirty times.

Catrina ran a daycare for eight years. She’s worked in retail. She has been a waitress. This babe has managed offices. Now she is in accounting. She used to play soccer. Now her hobbies are “spending time with my family and participating in gangbangs.”

Hmmmm…one of these things is not love the other.

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From Undergarment To Eternity

From Below garment To Eternity

There are some Voluptuous mag readers who have every issue since 1994. A watch some of the girls of that time unveils how great a group they were. Models love Lalin girl, Bonnie Banks, Lisa Miller, Rhonda Baxter, Alice, Calle and many others. It makes a tit-man wonder what all of them are doing today.

We know that Rhonda got hitched. The others, almost any likely the same. Many of them modeled merely a hardly any times. They lived commonplace lives with commonplace jobs and dabbled in stripped photo-modeling as a lark and for supplementary income. Others stayed in the game for a few years. Some stayed in a different kind of spotlight, adore Candye Kane, who became a well-known adept touring musician and blues/jazz singer with her own band.

Kim Hines, aka Kim Eternity, became a large name in Voluptuous magazine in the 1990s. Her first V-mag was the May 1995 edition. She was a ally of LaTina’s in college. When Latin chick was about to do her first shoot for a V-mag photographer in San Diego, Kim entered the studio for boudoir adult modeling. They renewed ties, and Latina recommended that giant-chested Kim discharge for V-mag.

Kim became one of the 1st big-busted, dark fuck-video and magazine stars. This babe fucks dark porn guys and white porn males. Ramrod size and skill, not skin color, matters to Kim. Kim still performs today during the time that her contemporaries have long been out of the adult modeling world. Very slight in number cuties have this kind of lasting power.

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Gabriella Sky’s killer oral-stimulation skills

Gabriella Sky's awesome blowjob skills

Gabriella Sky, Fourty three, a real-life speech pathologist, helps 22-year-old Peter with his stuttering problem by pushing her perky bra buddies into his face and mouthing and screwing his meat-thermometer. In the end, Peter cums all over Gabriella’s face. Is that the solution? Can all speech issues be solved by having a hot doctor like Gabriella?

Probably. But not likewise many hotty’s are love Gabriella. This babe is super-sexy. That babe can’t live out of to bonk. She has some atypical fetishes-her fantasy is to copulate identical twins and she once had sex in an Italian ruin-but she’s not a swinger and she’d by no means had sex on-camera until she walked into our studio. This is her second scene. We hope she comes back for a third.

Gabriella once had a job baking custom cupcakes. She desires to climb the Great Pyramids. Maybe she can have sex on one of them, likewise. She’s a fan of South American and European soccer. She wears Brazilian-cut knickers. She’s a Mother. She describes herself as “very spiritual.” That babe likes studs with great teeth.

How about just teeth, Gabriella? Will that do?

She likes younger bucks.

“Younger chaps appear to be to be attracted to me,” she told.

Smart younger guys, eh?

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Catrina screws her almost all nice friend’s son

Catrina bonks her superlatively worthwhile friend's son

Catrina Costa, Fifty, catches 22-year-old Peter jacking off at his computer. He is confused. She’s not.

“That looks beautiful interesting,” Catrina says.

“Catrina, my mom’s not here,” Peter says, flustered, trying to cover his shlong. “She’s not plan to be back until later, so u can go now.”

“Peter, reveal me, I desire to watch,” Catrina insists, clothed sexily in a cleavage-revealing top and a short skirt.

Catrina has known him since this babe was little. This babe and his Mommy are almost all astonishing friends, and now she’s intend to assist out her foremost friend’s son by showing him how to treat a mastix.

Catrina knows how she wishes to be treated. This is her first time screwing on-camera, but this divorced mother-of-three from Rhode Island (now living in California) is a swinger. This babe and her hubby host bi-weekly gang-bang parties.

“The wildest night might have been when we had Twenty eight boys flaunt up, but all the vixens flaked,” Catrina said. “I was fatigued at the end of the evening!”

Exhausted and happy. Catrina is into ace copulate, but that is a story for another day. This babe urges to have her throat, slit and chocolate hole filled at the same time. “Air-tight,” this babe calls it. That babe likes to be spanked. That babe likes when chaps cum on her chest. She says her family would be very surprised to watch her here “because they are very religious. My co-workers would also be surprised ‘coz at work, I’m quiet and keep to myself.”

Catrina is an accountant. That doesn’t sound love too much enjoyment. What she’s doing here is definitely tons of pleasure. Enjoy her.

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Amiee Roberts – Kitchen Spread

Kitchen Widen

Kitchen Spread

Amiee Roberts is new to hawt modeling, but all that babe has to do is be herself and it’s all worthwhile. Showing what a kitchen spread is all about, Amiee doesn’t receive around to cooking anything. She is likewise busy playing with her large tits and caressing her cooch.

What do you adore to do for enjoyment?

Amiee: Observe sports and hang out with my girlfriends.

What’s your beloved sex position?

Amiee: Being on top does it best for me.

What makes u additional lascivious?

Amiee: Having my neck kissed.

Do you use toys at home?

Amiee: I use a sex-toy.

Do u have any specific time of the day that u adore to do it?

Amiee: Usually at night in advance of going to sleep.

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Hawaiian Wobblers

Hawaiian Hooters

SCORE: Do u keep in touch with any big busted glamour models?

Claudia: I’d love to, but almost all of us live in different states. We keep in touch for a during the time that and then we kind of lose touch due to location. We do message each other on Twitter or Facebook every one time in awhile.

SCORE: You are at the supermarket or doing personal errands. How do you suit?

Claudia: I wear tight jeans, a tank top and boots or cut-off jeans, reservoir top and boots.

SCORE: Tell us about your current martial arts training.

Claudia: Well, I started learning Muay Thai in Hawaii a scarcely any years back, but joining the classes with other advanced beginners or intermediate students was a bit scary for me, mostly coz I model. I won’t look fine with a broken nose. So, recently, I hired an awesome personal Muay Bora-which is a type of Muay Thai-teacher just for me.

We do acquire physical, but I know, cuz he’s an pro, this chab won’t hurt me. When we do arm locks or head locks, this chab must feel my squishy, giant scones pressing against his arm or head but this chab is such a professional, he doesn’t even flinch. I like that he’s adore that so there’s no raunchy tension betwixt us. I’m there to actually learn. This ladies man says I learn truly fast.

SCORE: Do you go to stripped beaches or adult resorts?

Claudia: In Hawaii, it’s illegal to be topless. I would have to go to very remote beaches and still hope there are no cops around. I did go topless in Miami, and a cop came over to tell me to put my top on just now! I thought it was legal but this chab said solely whilst you’re laying down, not standing or walking around. True story!

SCORE: Our society hates love bubbles. Thanks, as always, Claudia KeAloha.

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